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Nashville Newborn Photographer | Top 5 to Choose Your Photographer

(… and Maternity Photographer and Family Photographer)

Expecting a baby or watching your family grow, there’s a whole lot to consider when preserving those memories in photographs. What is most important when choosing your Nashville newborn photographer?

Scroll down for my top 5 things to consider when making your choices.

Nashville Newborn Photographer 

5. Experience.

With over a decade of experience specializing in photographing newborns, mothers, and families in the style you’ve come to expect and love from me, your session is never my first rodeo.  ‘They’ say build something no one else is doing…Did you know I started my business and chose to do things this way because as a mother I wanted a certain genre and style of photos and no one in middle TN was specializing in anything close to that, so I built it myself?  I also found that so many photographers were offering mediocre printed artwork anyone could get and I didn’t want that.  If I was going to sell my clients artwork for their home, it needed to be only the very best, and quality that can last decades and decades. And I didn’t want them to have to do the work to get it.  So your framed fine art prints, albums, etc. are all taken care of by me. 

4. Wardrobe 

Having built a studio wardrobe for your entire family over the past 10 years, I’ve got you covered. Literally.  Inclusive sizing for moms (with over 200 dresses from which to choose) and dads, hundreds of items for babies and young children means you don’t have to spend a dime on clothing. Or think about what looks best together, on camera, and ultimately, hanging in your home (hint: it’s often different than what we’d wear out to dinner, to mom’s night, or shopping at Target). 

Nashville Family Photographer 

3. Hair + Makeup

Look, you’re beautiful as you are and I’ve worn less and less makeup the older I’ve gotten.  But I also know I feel more confident for photos when someone I trust has glammed me up, even in just the most natural tones to pull your beautiful, best features out to shine on camera. While the choice is always yours, the most sought after expert beauty gurus are at your side just before your session to make you feel your very best. Especially when doing your own hair and makeup while holding a 2 week old sounds like the last thing you’d want to do, or even physically can do. 

2.  Efficiency

Hear me out on this one, I know it sounds a little odd.  But let’s be honest, often partners (I’m looking at you dads, if your partner is a guy) are ready to finish up 10 minutes into your session.  They don’t want to be hanging out at the studio for hours, nor do children last very long.  My goal is always to get the most variety, in the shortest amount of time, and really to capitalize on everyone’s best behavior for the small window they are able to give me. I can’t tell you how many dads have ended their sessions with a, “That’s it? We are all done? That wasn’t bad at all!!”, all the while I am thinking, “This family was so sweet, I know I have way too big of a gallery.” 

best simple maternity photos

1.  Style 

Possibly the most important in the end – what do you want your portraits to look like? Truly. Do you want more intricate posing, lots of baby skin smoothing, dark moody images or more of a bright, natural look? Do you want to look connected with your family and see emotion, and maybe even imperfection, or see a more classic, stiffly posed portrait? Are you choosing someone who has a style you love that matches your home decor and you can put on your wall as artwork? Do the colors and props lend themselves to something ‘cute’ you’d like on Facebook or something you could see on your living room wall next to your other beautiful artwork? When you flip back through your albums in 10 years, and even 40 years with maybe your grandkids, will you love them just as much as today? 

Hi! I’m so thankful you are checking out my work here at my website and blog. A little more about my studio… I have a full studio wardrobe, with of over 150 dresses and robes for moms (size 0 – 26) from my favorite places like some of the clothing above along with hundreds of choices for babies, children, and shirts for men. Hair and makeup is also available before your session, to make your session as simple and stress free as possible. All you need to do is arrive and snuggle your babies.

Jenny Cruger is a Nashville newborn photographer and specializes in newborn, maternity, and family photos in Nashville and Franklin, TN.

If you love these photos, and you are looking for a Nashville newborn photographer I would love to begin planning your session. With 12 years of specializing in my favorite ages of tiny humans, maternity, newborn, and young families and I would love to photograph your family! To see more of my maternity & newborn portfolio please click over here and get in touch if this is something you would love for your baby.

After my hosting company lost my entire website of 8 years in 2018, this little piece of the internet is fairly new, so I would be happy to show you what an entire gallery looks like while this new space receives more and more content including older sessions mixed among new sessions!  I feel strongly that potential clients are able to see many full galleries of real sessions so you know exactly what to expect from your portraits as well! If you are interested in a custom portrait session with Jenny Cruger Photography and would like more information, please click here to learn more about me and this experience.

If you would like to reserve your 2022 newborn and family photos, in my downtown Franklin studio or field on my calendar I would love for you to contact me here.

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