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Nashville First Year Photographer | The Collective Membership

Hiring the same Nashville first year photographer for multiple sessions throughout your baby’s first year is so beautiful and has some major perks for new parents. Here are five reasons I created my signature Collective Membership for clients to have multiple sessions for their family or baby as they grow:

  1. Consistency in Style and Quality: Each photographer has their unique style, which encompasses their editing style, angles and lenses used to photograph your session, lighting usage, and overall color palates. By hiring the same photographer for all of those sessions, you can ensure a consistent style. This makes for a beautiful and cohesive heirloom album or gallery wall of all of your sessions that tells a seamless story of the baby’s journey from your maternity session to your baby’s first birthday.
  2. Building Trust and Comfort: Having photo sessions when you’re pregnant or just had a baby is an intimate process. Over multiple sessions, your photographer and the family develop an understanding with each other. This trust ensures that you and, most importantly, your baby are comfortable and relaxed during your sessions. The more at ease everyone is, the more authentic and natural your images will be. Additionally, your photographer will also have a better understanding of the family’s preferences and expectations.
  3. Chronological Documentation: Using the same photographer will allow them to plan subsequent sessions with a chronological narrative in mind, highlighting your baby’s growth and changes over the year. The transition from maternity to newborn to one year will be artistically represented with a unique perspective that may not be possible if different photographers handle each session.
  4. Cost and Collection Benefits: Often, photographers offer exclusive pricing for clients who reserve multiple sessions. Additionally, having your sessions planned out and paid for in advance ensures you don’t miss out on documenting any crucial milestones, you might forget about if you go one by one or to a variety of different studios.
  5. Ease of Coordination: Scheduling multiple sessions with different photographers can become an administrative challenge. You will need to coordinate schedules, discuss styles and preferences, and manage payments with various photographers and the systems they use. Sticking to one photographer streamlines this process, making it easier to plan and manage appointments, so you can be more relaxed and have that come through in your images. Plus, any feedback or specific requirements can be consistently applied across sessions without having to repeat them to a new photographer each time.

    Let’s take a peek at this baby girls Collective Membership sessions.


Nashville Maternity Photographer
maternity session in the winter outside in a field


Nashville Newborn Photographer
close up newborn pictures of details
Nashville first year photographer
Newborn photographers near me
Nashville baby Photographer
Nashville newborn Photographers


Nashville One year Photographer
Nashville one year session
Nashville family Photographer
Nashville cake smash Photographer

Hi! I’m so thankful you are checking out my work here at my website and blog. A little more about my studio… I have a full, size inclusive, studio wardrobe, with of over 200 dresses and robes for moms (size 0 – 26) from my favorite places like some of the clothing above along with hundreds of choices for babies, children, and shirts for men. Hair and makeup is also available before your session to make your session as simple and stress free as possible. All you need to do is arrive and snuggle your children.

Looking for a Nashville first year photographer? Jenny Cruger is the go to photographer for moms looking for easy luxury family images.

If you love these photos, and you are looking for a Nashville first year photographer I would love to begin planning your session. With over 13 years of specializing in my favorite ages of tiny humans, maternity, newborn, and young families and I would love to photograph your newborn session. To see more of my maternity & newborn portfolio please click over here and get in touch if this is something you would love for your newborn.

Wondering what full sessions look like? I would be happy to show you what an entire gallery looks like while this blog space receives new posts, including older sessions mixed among new session sneak peeks.  I feel strongly that potential clients are able to see many full galleries of real sessions so you know exactly what to expect from your portraits as well! If you are interested in a custom portrait session with Jenny Cruger Photography and would like more information, please click here to learn more about me and this experience.

I’m currently reserving studio Collective Membership sessions into the rest of 2023 and studio and outdoor family sessions for all of 2024. If you would like to reserve your Nashville area maternity, newborn, and family photos for 2023 or 2024, in my downtown Franklin studio or field on my calendar I would love for you to contact me here.

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