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5 Questions to Ask Before You Reserve Nashville Maternity Photos

When reserving your Nashville maternity photos, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you have a great experience and get the dream images you want. The best thing for you, as a client, is finding a photographer that meets your wants and needs so you’re guaranteed to have both the experience and photos you are hoping for. Here are five questions to consider asking:

1. Photographer’s Portfolio:

Can you see a portfolio of previous maternity photo sessions from your area? Are they open to sharing what a full maternity session looks like, not just the highlights or couple on Instagram? Is everything in their portfolio consistent so you know exactly what you will get and are able to expect that? Is everything cohesive so that you could put all of the images together in an album? Hang 3, 4, 9, etc. together on your wall? Does their work (style, colors, editing) match not only the vibe you’re looking for, but if you hang them in your home, do they match your home decor? Reviewing their work will give you an idea of their style and expertise, so you don’t end up with a surprise when you receive your photos back.

Nashville Maternity Photos

2. Location Options:

Do you want to make suggestions for your maternity photo session locations in Nashville? Do you want your photographer to have options for you and tell you when and where to be based on optimal lighting conditions and backgrounds? Are you hoping for a maternity session outdoors? In a studio (and what does that studio look like)? In your home? Discussing potential locations can help you decide if you’re a good match with a photographer or if you should keep looking.

outdoor Nashville maternity

3. Availability and Scheduling:

How soon do you need to get in touch with your photographer and reserve your preferred date? Typically really popular photographers are going to fill their schedules at least a couple months in advance, and take less than 10-12 sessions per month if they’re giving you a high level of service, so the sooner the better. Waiting until you’re 32+ weeks could create scheduling issues whereas if you plan to reserve your maternity photographer after your first trimester you’ll have a lot more availability to choose from.

Nashville Maternity Photographer

4. Wardrobe/What To Wear:

Does your photographer help you choose what to wear for your maternity photos? Do they have a client wardrobe you can pull items from? If they do, how many dresses are available and do they offer inclusive sizing, variety, various colors, textures, prints? Do you want to plan your wardrobe on your own? Or have them help you with that? A lot of clients have amazing style yet that doesn’t always translate to showing off your bump in the best way or to photographs the best way, so is hiring a photographer with years of experience in that important to you?

overcast field maternity session

5. Pricing (and Pricing Structure):

Lastly, what are their pricing options for maternity photography? Does the cost work with what you are budgeting? Is extending your budget a little bit worth it for getting the photographer your really want? Is there a savings for committing to maternity photos as well as newborn photos or first year photos of your baby? Will they offer a payment plan for you if needed? Are you able to pay a smaller fee up front to reserve your session or do they require the full fee up front to include your session and digital images? Would you like to see your images first before deciding to purchase various things or are you okay with paying for them before your session? Would you like a photographer that offers to create artwork for you and take that off your plate or prefer to DIY your photos? Understanding the costs and policies upfront can help you plan accordingly.

By asking these questions, you can make an informed decision for your maternity photos in Nashville and find the best photographer. If you’re looking Nashville maternity photos, I’d love to chat more and see if I am a good fit for your needs. With nearly 14 years of offering maternity, newborn, and family photos, to the most discerning clients, I would love to photograph your maternity session, too. To see more of my maternity & newborn portfolio please click over here and get in touch if this is something you would love for yourself and your family.

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